Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. At the beginning of her career, Gaga became known for her unconventionality and provocative work. A popular contemporary singer, she is noted for experimenting with new musical ideas and images.

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If you don't feel safe as a child you can't learn.

Fame is ultimately about the cycles of desire and how to do away with them or manage them well.

My mom and I are very close.

My apartment is my stage and my bedroom is my stage - they're just not stages you're allowed to see.

I don't like Los Angeles. The people are awful and terribly shallow and everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to play the game. I'm from New York. I will kill to get what I need.

When I say to you there is nobody like me and there never was that is a statement I want every woman to feel and make about themselves.

I already am a product.

Well in order for me to be successful... In order to be a great artist - musician actor painter whatever - you must be able to be private in public at all times.

I guess you could say I devoted myself so strongly to my music that for awhile I forgot about my family. But I only get one set of parents and I think I forgot about that for a little while.

If you only believe that you're an artist when you have a big advance in your pocket and a single coming out I would say that's quite soulless. You have to have a sense of your own greatness and your own ability from a very deep place inside you. I am the one with the litmus test in my hands of what people need to hear next.

In a sense I portray myself in a very androgynous way and I love androgyny.

I'm half living my life between reality and fantasy at all times.

I'm very free-spirited.

I'm working on bringing the instant film camera back as part of the future.

The dieting wars have got to stop.

I'm a wandering gypsy.

I feel like if you're a really good human being you can try to find something beautiful in every single person no matter what.

I live halfway between reality and theater at all times. And I was born this way.

Some artists are working to buy the mansion or whatever the element of fame must bear but I spend all my money on my show.

Because the sweeter the cake the more bitter the jelly can be.

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