Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Lance Edward Armstrong (born September 18, 1971) is an American former professional road racing cyclist. Armstrong is the 1993 professional world champion, and won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005. However, in 2012, he was banned from sanctioned Olympic sports for life as a result of long-term doping offenses. As part of those sanctions, all results going back to August 1998, including his seven Tour wins, were voided.

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We plan on having a long future together.

I actually spoke to him for about 30 minutes and he didn't say any of that stuff to me personally ... But to say that I've 'fooled' the fans is preposterous. I've been doing this a long time. We have not just one year of only 'B' samples, we have seven years of 'A' and 'B' samples. They've all been negative.

For me, it was always a simple passion.

We'll start to see the start of the real race. There are a few days that are not so selective but then we have the mountains and the start of the real Tour.

We have seven years of 'A' and 'B' samples. They've all been negative.

For cycling and the community it's a big step. This would be a great way to bring kids into the sport and have them around coaches that are constantly observing them. I hope it happens.

It's great to beat your goals -- and it's not that sports goals are bad but this one was much better ... This combines my two main passions in life outside of my children.

That's a new shirt ... He put that on my credit card. That reminds me I've got to get my card back.

What else can it be? ... Do you think I'm going to trust some guy in a French lab to open my samples and say they're positive and announce that to the world and not give me the chance to defend myself? That's ludicrous. There is no way you can do that.

George is a nice guy no doubt. He's learned that he can be a gentleman and still have a killer instinct. Me I'm the opposite. I'm a jerk who has to work at being a gentleman. I've always loved to put the hurt on people.

It's arguably one of the most famous sporting events in the world. Every year there can only be one guy to drive the pace car. For me to be selected and asked to come it's a huge honor.

We love you too

I am happy with the way my career went and I am happy with the way it ended.

I look forward to leading this team and attempting to give the great folks at Discovery a yellow jersey. I'm more motivated than ever.

Luckily the fans saw through these (doping) allegations.

It was fairly serious but I didn't realize how much play it would get. My fault. In hindsight I shouldn't have done it.

We're both old guys huh?

but I don't know if I want to spend $1.5 million and two years of my life pursuing this. I have better things to do.

I can get up in the morning and look myself in the mirror and my family can look at me too, and that's all that matters.

I'm not willing to put a percentage on the chances but I will no longer rule it out.

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