Marcus Tullius Cicero

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Marcus Tullius Cicero (3 January 106 BC – 7 December 43 BC) was a Roman politician and lawyer, who served as consul in the year 63 BC. He came from a wealthy municipal family of the Roman equestrian order, and is considered one of Rome's greatest orators and prose stylists.

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We forget our pleasures we remember our sufferings.

Peace is liberty in tranquillity.

In so far as the mind is stronger than the body so are the ills contracted by the mind more severe than those contracted by the body.

The only excuse for war is that we may live in peace unharmed.

Rather leave the crime of the guilty unpunished than condemn the innocent.

What one has one ought to use: and whatever he does he should do with all his might.

Old age: the crown of life our play's last act.

The greatest pleasures are only narrowly separated from disgust.

While there's life there's hope.

It is foolish to tear one's hair in grief as though sorrow would be made less by baldness.

Those wars are unjust which are undertaken without provocation. For only a war waged for revenge or defense can be just.

To know the laws is not to memorize their letter but to grasp their full force and meaning.

It might be pardonable to refuse to defend some men but to defend them negligently is nothing short of criminal.

Never injure a friend even in jest.

Thrift is of great revenue.

What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes.

No obligation to do the impossible is binding.

Like associates with like.

Empire and liberty.

Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.

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