Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson

Brian Hugh Warner (born January 5, 1969), better known by the stage name Marilyn Manson, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, composer, actor, painter, author and former music journalist. He is known for his controversial stage personality and image as the lead singer of the band Marilyn Manson.

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I don't want to feel like I've matured. That's a stupid word that I never want to use.

Music is the strongest form of magic.

People only hate what they see in themselves.

Sometimes you feel awkward being what you're best at, you feel like you have to be something new.

I can't satisfy myself with just trying to tie all of my imagination into music, especially when music is not appreciated as an art form as much as it used to be.

My dad loves what I do and I support my parents financially, because they didn't have a job that gave them a pension.

Anybody intelligent enough to realize what America is, is not going to sit around and do nothing about it. They're going to be the same way that I am. They're going to be the same way our fans are. They're going to be pissed.

Marilyn Manson is a criticism of gimmickry while being itself a gimmick.

There's a certain group of people who are always going to dislike me and disagree with whatever I say.

My first memories of religion were being taken to Episcopal church. My father was Catholic but my mother, I believe, was Episcopal. So I sort of veered off into the watered-down version of Catholicism.

I went to one AA meeting and I got asked for an autograph.

When you're taught to love everyone to love your enemies then what value does that place on love?

Growing up going to Christian school and the concept that you're born a sinner and you don't really have a choice to change who you are has been hammered into my head and created the entire reason why I made art and made a band and made records called 'Antichrist Superstar.'

The advantage of the internet is that it has taken away the charade of politics. China has heard of democracy and people know about certain concepts they wouldn't have previously.

As a kid I had buck teeth and braces and acne. I hated what I saw. I'm still not comfortable, but that's why I change and adapt the way I look.

A lot of people don't want to make their own decisions. They're too scared. It's much easier to be told what to do.

Art gives me the freedom I don't have when I make music.

If what you do is being threatened as a profession that could be scary. But that's the same reason why I walked out on stage many times after receiving death threats. I couldn't live without doing what I wanted to do. So at the same time I have to be willing to die for it.

The word 'Antichrist' to me is the collective disbelief in god.

Marilyn Monroe wasn't even her real name Charles Manson isn't his real name and now I'm taking that to be my real name. But what's real? You can't find the truth you just pick the lie you like the best.

To me Satan ultimately represents rebellion.

I don't encourage people to choose any sort of sexuality.

I used to have nightmares about the Antichrist - what would happen where it would come from and who it would be.

Is adult entertainment killing our children? or is killing our children entertaining our adults?

I'm not going to be some kind of PC tree-hugger.

It's better to use a curse word than to hurt somebody else I find.

It's my job to be the Pierrot the clown in the theatrical sense.

What I know is my music gets blamed for school shootings.

If one more 'journalist' makes a cavalier statement about me and my band I will personally or with my fans' help greet them at their home and discover just how much they believe in their freedom of speech.

There's no reason to change what you are but if you're not being you then you need to acknowledge that.

Find out what's really out there. I never said to be like me I say be like you and make a difference.

As a kid I just felt like an outsider.

The time that people aren't expecting what's going to happen I find that's the best time to really cause the damage that needs to be done.

In any story the villain is the catalyst. The hero's not a person who will bend the rules or show the cracks in his armor. He's one-dimensional intentionally, but the villain is the person who owns up to what he is and stands by it.

I am drawn to women who are independent and creative, which is problematic because it's a struggle a competition of careers. There's jealousy.

I'm kind of shy and I think that I take that out by performing in front of a lot of people. That's how I get out my shyness.

I dare you all to write one more thing that you won't say to my face.

When I finish a picture I don't show it to anyone if I feel it's not good enough yet. I've learnt to listen to my partners and my friends. For me it's the biggest success if they like it.

Are people raised to be villains or vilified like I have become?

When all of your wishes are granted many of your dreams will be destroyed.

I'm my most creative between 3 and 5 a.m. That's the way I've always been.

We live in a society of victimization where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves.

The burden of originality is one that most people don't want to accept. They'd rather sit in front of the TV and let that tell them what they're supposed to like what they're supposed to buy and what they're supposed to laugh at.

My goal isn't to make money it's to try and survive and make a point.

The point is that life for me is not going to be the way it is for everyone else. I have a fog machine and movie lights in my bedroom.

I think everybody's got a presentation. Everybody looks a certain way because they want to convey a certain image. You look a certain way because you want people to listen to you in a certain way.

I've found a woman I can relate to. That's something - and I don't even feel sappy saying it - that if anyone has that don't lose it because it's probably the only thing that you can ever really find any satisfaction from.

Rumors stories... I'm used to them. I got my ribs removed I was on 'The Wonder Years'... You know there's a different story every day.

I was married to someone who wanted me to change. Become more adult more responsible. I began not to like myself not like what I do. I lost my identity. Everything began collapsing around me.

People tend to associate anyone who looks and behaves differently with illegal or immoral activity.

Living in Hollywood it's easy to have someone flatter you. That doesn't help me.

They'll see it. And it doesn't matter if they don't. It's only Rock 'n' Roll. But I do intend to move more into the Mainstream. Marilyn Manson is just the First phase.

I think art is the only thing that's spiritual in the world. And I refuse to forced to believe in other people's interpretations of God. I don't think anybody should be. No one person can own the copyright to what God means.

To admit you want to have a comeback means you have to admit you weren't what you were supposed to be. You dropped below your own standard.

Things have become devalued to the point where people don't realize the repercussions that they're devaluing themselves. It could end up bringing about chaos a lawless situation.

Marilyn Manson is a mockery of American pop culture.

I never said to be like me I say to be like you and make a difference.

I decided to make music again at a time when I couldn't have had more obstacles.

I've started to think that maybe I wouldn't mind passing my demented genius on to some small thing who can set fire and breathe profanity.

In the end we're all Jerry Springer Show guests really we just haven't been on the show.

Everything is acting.

I fall in love very easily.

Ultimately because I'm an artist I can't ever consider myself a nihilist so I suppose I'm optimistic.

The person who thinks I worship the devil and kill animals is just as important as someone who makes an interpretation that's closer to what I intended.

Leave me in a room with some crayons and I'll draw on the wall.

Part of me is afraid to get close to people because I'm afraid that they're going to leave.

Marriage changes everything.

These people are artists. These people are musicians. They're taking it out and trying to express it that way.

This is the culture you're raising your kids in. Don't be surprised if it blows up in your face.