Sai Baba

Sai Baba

Sai Baba of Shirdi, also known as Shirdi Sai Baba (c. 1830s - 15 October 1918) was an Indian spiritual leader who is regarded by his devotees as a saint, a fakir, a satguru and an incarnation (avatar) of God. He was revered by both his Hindu and Muslim devotees during, as well as after his life.

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What is the freedom a man can enjoy? Man is governed by certain restraints. He has to adhere to truth.

The atmosphere in India was congenial for the revelation and the growth of the Vedas.

Mothers of those days were women of great piety and noble character.They practiced virtue and set an example to the children! only from the wombs of such noble women were born sons of high character!

Properties are not Proper Ties.

Learn to bend before that authority and you will learn how to submit before the Lord.

When heart speaks to heart it is love that is transmitted.

The mind must become the servant of the intellect not the slave of the senses. It must discriminate and detach itself from the body. Like the ripe tamarind fruit which becomes loose inside the shell it must be unattached to this shell this casement called body.

The Veda existed long before it was discovered and put into practice.

Act and then advise. Practice first precept next.

How can I tolerate the slightest inconvenience to them the women the children the sick the aged the blind the decrepit that come for counsel consolation courage and cure?

Your sight must become an insight, it must be turned within and used to purify and clarify your mind.

It brings no glory to man if he is tied helplessly to the wheel of birth and death. His glory and greatness consist in disentangling himself from that revolving wheel.

Seek your own Reality That is what a wise man should do.

Since I move about with you, eat like you and talk with you, you are deluded in the belief that this is but an instance of common humanity. Be warned against this mistake. I am also deluding you by My singing with you, talking with you, and engaging Myself in activities with you. But any movement My Divinity may be revealed to you, you have to be ready prepared for that moment.

Without God life is like a school without a teacher. It is a wire with no current passing through it, it is a body with no soul.

However distant my people may be I draw them to me just as we pull a bird to us with a string tied to its foot I love devotion.

You may be very wealthy and have servants and assistants to help in a few tasks but your own work you must do yourself.

There is no discipline equal to service to smother the ego and to fill the heart with genuine joy. To condemn service as demeaning and inferior is to forego these benefits.

Life is a mirage, It comes from no visible rain, It falls into no recognizable sea.

When one sings alone the heart is merged in the song. But when many sing together it acquires a Divine power.

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