Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams

Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams III (March 26, 1911 – February 25, 1983) was an American playwright. Along with Eugene O'Neill and Arthur Miller he is considered among the three foremost playwrights in 20th-century American drama.

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You can be young without money but you can't be old without it.

What is straight? A line can be straight or a street but the human heart oh no it's curved like a road through mountains.

For time is the longest distance between two places.

All your Western theologies the whole mythology of them are based on the concept of God as a senile delinquent.

Oh you weak beautiful people who give up with such grace. What you need is someone to take hold of you - gently with love and hand your life back to you.

Time is the longest distance between two places.

Don't look forward to the day you stop suffering because when it comes you'll know you're dead.

The strongest influences in my life and my work are always whomever I love. Whomever I love and am with most of the time or whomever I remember most vividly. I think that's true of everyone don't you?

Luck is believing you're lucky.

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