Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was a British politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. As Prime Minister, Churchill led Britain to victory over Nazi Germany during World War II. Churchill was also an officer in the British Army, a non-academic historian, and a writer. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953 for his overall, lifetime body of work. 

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No folly is more costly than the folly of intolerant idealism

[Playing golf is] like chasing a quinine pill around a cow pasture.

Thus be every device from the stick to the carrot the emaciated Austrian donkey is made to pull the Nazi barrow up an ever-steepening hill

Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business.

Christopher Columbus was the first socialist: he didn

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.

The Balkans produce more history than they can consume

Experts should be on tap but never on top.

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it

No two on earth in all things can agree. All have some daring singularity.

Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.

Well the principle seems the same. The water still keeps falling over.

Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others.

The truth is incontrovertible malice may attack it ignorance may deride it but in the end, there it is.

If you go on with this nuclear arms race all you are going to do is make the rubble bounce.

It is important when you haven't got any ammunition to have a butt on your rifle.

In war resolution, in defeat defiance, in victory magnanimity

[Lady Nancy Astor:] Winston if you were my husband I'd put poison in your coffee. ... Nancy if you were my wife I'd drink it.

We must beware of needless innovation especially when guided by logic.

The only guide to man is his conscience, the only shield to his memory is the rectitude and sincerity of his actions. It is very imprudent to walk through life without this shield because we are so often mocked by the failure of our hopes and the upsetting of our calculations, but with this shield however the fates may play we march always in the ranks of honor.


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