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Surprise your loved one and remind them of your love with a beautiful I I Love You message from our collection.

I and LOVE and YOU. I Love You Quotes
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I and LOVE and YOU.

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    The English dictionary is incomplete because it doesn’t have a word which can describe how much I love you.
    Your exquisite beauty and your wonderfully alluring smile mesmerize me every single time. It feels like I loved you my entire life.
    Love me or hate me - either way you are thinking of me!
    If you were Facebook, I would check your updates 24/7. If you were twitter, I would keep tweeting I Love You constantly. If you were Instagram, I would keep uploading selfies all day long. If you were Pinterest, I would pin my heart on you.
    I’ll never ask you to change for me, because you are perfect just the way you are. I love you.
    You are not only loved, you ARE love.
    No words can describe how I love you. You are my sunshine, the amazing lady of my heart.
    Do you know how much I love you? I loved you the moment I saw you. I love you now, and I will love you forever. No goodbye.


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