I hate the idea of success robbing you of your private life. Paul McCartney Quotes
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I hate the idea of success robbing you of your private life.

Paul McCartney

Sir James Paul McCartney (born 18 June 1942) is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. He gained worldwide fame with the rock band the Beatles, largely considered the most popular and influential group in the history of pop music. After the band's break-up, he pursued a solo career and formed the band Wings with his first wife, Linda, and Denny Laine.

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I love the past. There are parts of the past I hate of course.
Putting two songs together I've always loved that trick when it works.
I can take pot or leave it. I got busted in Japan for it. I was nine days without it and there wasn
But you know as a kid I would have thought of a vegetarian as a wimp.

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    Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And
    As is a tale so is life: not how long it is but how good it is is what matters.
    The art of living… is neither careless drifting on the one hand nor fearful clinging to the past on the other. It consists in being sensitive to each moment, in regarding it as utterly new and unique, in having the mind open and wholly receptive.
    I feel 80% of my life is completely normal.

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