A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts who can punish Steve Prefontaine Quotes
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A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end punish himself even more.

Steve Prefontaine

Steve Roland "Pre" Prefontaine (January 25, 1951 – May 30, 1975) was an American middle and long-distance runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics. Prefontaine once held the American record in seven different distance track events from the 2,000 meters to the 10,000 meters.

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To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
How does a kid from Coos Bay with one leg longer than the other win races?
What I want is to be number one.
I run to see who has the most guts.

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