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In order to acquire a growing and lasting respect in society it is a good thing if you possess great talent to give early in your youth a very hard kick to the right shin of the society that you love. After that be a snob.

Consult your friend on all things especially on those which respect yourself. His counsel may then be useful where your own self-love might impair your judgment.

If we are not free no one will respect us.

We are sinful not only because we have eaten of the Tree of Knowledge but also because we have not yet eaten of the Tree of Life. The state in which we are is sinful irrespective of guilt.

There may be fairies at the bottom of the garden. There is no evidence for it but you can't prove that there aren't any so shouldn't we be agnostic with respect to fairies?

I thought perhaps it should be recognized that religious people including fundamentalists are quite intelligent many of them are highly educated and they should be treated with complete respect.

Almost any biographer if he respects facts can give us much more than another fact to add to our collection. He can give us the creative fact, the fertile fact, the fact that suggests and engenders.

I have a great respect for incremental improvement and I've done that sort of thing in my life but I've always been attracted to the more revolutionary changes. I don't know why. Because they're harder. They're much more stressful emotionally. And you usually go through a period where everybody tells you that you've completely failed.

Honor and respect all religions equally.

When cowardice is made respectable its followers are without number, both from among the weak and the strong, it easily becomes a fashion.

I believe the right question to ask respecting all ornament is simply this, was it done with enjoyment was the carver happy while he was about it?

Of two pleasures if there be one which all or almost all who have experience of both give a decided preference irrespective of any feeling of moral obligation to prefer it that is the more desirable pleasure.

I get no respect. The way my luck is running if I was a politician I would be honest.

It is not likely that posterity will fall in love with us but not impossible that it may respect or sympathize, so a man would rather leave behind him the portrait of his spirit than a portrait of his face.

When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete everybody will respect you.

I really don't spend any time on the Internet so I guess I live a little under a rock in that respect.

The most perfect political community must be amongst those who are in the middle rank and those states are best instituted wherein these are a larger and more respectable part if possible than both the other, or if that cannot be at least than either of them separate.

Even as you are a citizen of your motherland but respect all countries, also respect all religions equally.

A hypocrite despises those whom he deceives but has no respect for himself. He would make a dupe of himself too if he could.

Lying has a kind of respect and reverence with it. We pay a person the compliment of acknowledging his superiority whenever we lie to him.

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