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We must welcome the future remembering that soon it will be the past, and we must respect the past remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible.

Show respect to all people but grovel to none.

One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny.

To exercise freedom in its true sense man has to respect the five basic values.It is in that freedom he will find true bliss.

The sea speaks a language polite people never repeat. It is a colossal scavenger slang and has no respect.

To be sensual I think is to respect and rejoice in the force of life of life itself and to be present in all that one does from the effort of loving to the making of bread.

Property is intended to serve life and no matter how much we surround it with rights and respect it has no personal being. It is part of the earth man walks on. It is not man.

Our aversion to lying is commonly a secret ambition to make what we say considerable and have every word received with a religious respect.

It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law so much as for the right.

The people I respect most behave as if they were immortal and as if society was eternal.

There is in general good reason to suppose that in several respects the gods could all benefit from instruction by us human beings. We humans are - more humane.

It is a strange enterprise to make respectable people laugh.

Great authors are admirable in this respect: in every generation they make for disagreement. Through them we become aware of our differences.

Men have a respect for scholarship and learning greatly out of proportion to the use they commonly serve.

Besides the respect of the lives of human beings all the animals and plants should be on the list too. That is the real humanitarianism.

I mean in the South African case many of those who were part of death squads would have been respectable members of their white community people who went to church on Sunday every Sunday.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.

It is a wise tune that knows its own father and I like my music to be the legitimate offspring of respectable parents.

I argue very well. Ask any of my remaining friends. I can win an argument on any topic against any opponent. People know this and steer clear of me at parties. Often as a sign of their great respect they don't even invite me.

Even from their infancy we frame them to the sports of love: their instruction behavior attire grace learning and all their words azimuth only at love respects only affection. Their nurses and their keepers imprint no other thing in them.

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