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"Did you know that there is virtually an infinite number of quotes in the Universe?"


Clark may be avoided by most of the hoopoes and for most of the time, but it isn’t like they hate him. He just… annoys the heck out of them! Though he is clever, educated, honest and patient, he is at the same time a real know-it-all: talkative, overly self-confident, and a bit selfish. Clark says he’s a team player, which is true - as long as the rest of the team thinks that he is the one with the smartest and the most creative ideas.

Team player or not, Clark is the real king of voluntary solitude! He enjoys modern technological advances, marathon Netflixing at home, and 12-plus-hours board games with carefully selected group of his close hoopoe-friends. What he enjoys more, though, is talking about these three passions of his and explaining them in smallest details to other hoopoes.

If you, by chance, come to meet him, let him be aware that you know the “adobe” story* about the hoopoes. Otherwise, wave goodbye to the next three hours of your life. Apart from that, Clark is a nice bird. A bit geeky and intrusive for some, but if you try to see beyond that, you will have a caring and loving friend for life.


*In short, the word “adobe” comes from Egyptian language and it is a word for ‘hoopoe’, meaning “the one who blocks up (its nesthole)“. This led to naming a sundried brick the same. Sundried brick was often written with the  'hoopoe' hieroglyph. I don’t know how it is written in hieroglyphs, but please, don’t ask Clark.

Clark is not satisfied with how much space modern technology and TV shows are getting here, so he started his own blog. You can find him at Clark Hoopoe@weebly.


Favorite quote

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.