Hoopoe Sparrow

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"Flock of sparrows that raised me taught me just one quote: 'Fly, Robin, Fly!' "


Just about as he was to break from an egg and see the first light of day, this hoopoe baby was thrown out of its nest by a mean cuckoo. He survived the fall and was found by a flock of sparrows. They accepted him and raised him as one of their own. He is forever grateful to the sparrows and will always consider them his family. For this, he is known as Hoopoe Sparrow among the wider hoopoe community.

Hoopoe Sparrow is an exuberant, rough-and-tumble wanderer who is always up for an adventure. He's not exactly a hero, but his cool manners and self-assured demeanor make us aware from the start that this hoopoe can handle himself in any situation. Through his journeys and adventures he shows that he does have emotions, and is not just a calculating hoopoe on the hunt for treasure (though, to be honest, that is his main goal).

Despite his small size, Hoopoe Sparrow is always up for a fight with villains, hawks, cuckoos and anyone planning to harm his favorite flock. "Let’em come!" is his catchphrase. He is the artist of being in the moment and using his presence of mind to get out of any situation. Hoopoe Sparrow will not intentionally hurt anyone, and will avoid violence whenever it is possible. But once his code permits him to retaliate, he does it with style and relish, knowing each opponent’s psychological weaknesses, rather than the physical ones.


Favorite quote

Life is either a great adventure or nothing.

Life is either a great adventure or nothing.