Ultimate Game of Thrones Quote Collection

 Game of Thrones Quotes

16 July 2017
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It may be summer, but winter is finally here!

We've waited for too long, and now our time has come. Game of Thrones is here, and so are the Game of Thrones Quotes! Ram-pam-pa-pa-pam-pam pa-pa-pam-pam pa-pa-pam-pam!

Even if you've been living in a box, under a stone, on a bottom of the sea, and not coming out for six years, still it's a poor excuse for missing out the best TV show ever. But for all of you normal people out there, I've prepared The Ultimate Game of Thrones Quote Collection! It has 14 words of the famous houses of The Seven Kingdoms. Well, 13 actually, and twice the Lannisters. :) In addition to that, I've personally created 100 more quotes from some of the most memorable scenes from Game of Thrones! And all of these are picture quotes, and downloadable as HQ GoT wallpapers!

The quotes by our favorite characters start on the page 2 of the collection. I've reminded myself of the favorite moments of the past 6 seasons - Tyrion's witty comments, Jon Snow's... khm... confusingly inspiring quotes, Cersei's pragmatic sayings on life, Tywin's dedication to family, and all the other funny, inspiring and unforgettable quotes from the Realm.

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Winter Is Coming

House Stark


Fire and Blood

House Targaryen


Our is the Fury

House Baratheon


Hear Me Roar!

House Lannister


As High As Honor

House Arryn


We Do Not Sow

House Greyjoy


Our Blades are Sharp

House Bolton


Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

House Martell


Growing Strong

House Tyrell


We Stand Together

House Frey


Family, Duty, Honor

House Tully


The Sun of Winter

House Karstark


Here We Stand

House Mormont


A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

House Lannister


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