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"I hate quotes. The others just make me work here so I could earn my food."


This is the hoopoe who has no name. At least he claims so. He says that he hates names, but the truth is he hates HIS name and doesn’t want anybody else to know it. So, the other hoopoes just call him Grumpy Hoopoe, or Grumpy-H. He hates that too, but it’s better than the alternative. 

Although Grumpy-H was born in Madagascar, he could never understand why is it that some birds love hot weather, while others, like himself, just feel grumpy, sweaty and uncomfortable. But again, he cannot understand why would anyone love any weather at all - he just has to live with it. Grumpy-H is not a bad bird, he is just made that way. He doesn’t ask much from life, so why does life (he often wonders) ask so much from him?

Most of the time he is conservative, against any change, stubborn as an ox and painfully honest. He is the one we don’t want to become, and who we fear we are sometimes like. But, when the duty calls, you can always rely on this courageous, loyal and (deep down inside) caring hoopoe. 


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