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"Love. Amor. Liebe. 爱 . Љубав. Szerelem. حب . Upendo. אהבה. Amore. मोहब्बत . Miłość. Aşk. 愛. Love is beautiful in all languages!"


Hupid is one special little hoopoe. He has a special gift too – he can make anyone fall in love! For 10 minutes, that is. It’s not like he's a Roman deity or something. Come on, what were you thinking? Anyways, he is one jolly little fella. His curious and fun attitude follows him wherever he goes.

You will have to try hard to find a hoopoe who doesn’t love Hupid. Even Grumpy-H can’t get angry with Hupid. Like any baby, he’s always up for an adventure! He loves nature and playing outdoors, spending time with his friends – butterflies.

Hupid is a constant source of love in the hoopoe community – you can rely on that! He makes other hoopoe's world a brighter place by making them realize the importance of staying happy and leading a carefree life.



Favorite quote

You can't blame gravity for falling in love.

You can't blame gravity for falling in love.

P.S. But you can always blame me :)