A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy. Benjamin Disraeli Quotes
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A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy.

Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield (21 December 1804 – 19 April 1881) was a British politician and writer who twice served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He played a central role in the creation of the modern Conservative Party, defining its policies and its broad outreach. He made the Conservatives the party most identified with the glory and power of the British Empire. He is the only British Prime Minister of Jewish birth.

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An author who speaks about their own books is almost as bad as a mother who speaks about her own ch
There is no education like adversity.
The choicest pleasures of life lie within the ring of moderation.
Like all great travellers I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen.

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