Kin Hubbard

Kin Hubbard

Frank McKinney Hubbard (1 September 1868 - 26 December 1930) was an American cartoonist, humorist, and journalist better known by his pen name "Kin" Hubbard. He was creator of the cartoon Abe Martin of Brown County which ran in U.S. newspapers from 1904 until his death in 1930, and was the originator of many political quips that remain in use. 

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Don't knock the weather, nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while.

Some fellows get credit for being conservative, when they are only stupid.

If there's anything a public servant hates to do, it's something for the public.

Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny.

Lack of pep is often mistaken for patience.

The worst feature of a new baby is its mother's singing.

I'll say this for adversity: people seem to be able to stand it and that's more than I can say for prosperity.

Of all the home remedies a good wife is best.

Nobody can be as agreeable as an uninvited guest.

There are two ways to handle a woman and nobody knows either of them.

It's pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness, poverty and wealth have both failed.

Fun is like life insurance, the older you get the more it costs.

A good listener is usually thinking about something else.

Next to a circus there ain't nothing that packs up and tears out faster than the Christmas spirit.

Nothing is as irritating as the fellow who chats pleasantly while he's overcharging you.

Live so that you can at least get the benefit of the doubt.

We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate.

The only way to entertain some folks is to listen to them.

All the world loves a good loser.

A grouch escapes so many little annoyances that it almost pays to be one.

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