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If you trust in yourself. . .and believe in your dreams. . .and follow your star. . . you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy.

Terry Pratchett

All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.

The best proof of love is trust.

Joyce Diane Brothers

Have enough courage to trust love one more time. And always one more time.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

Trust and start walking. We are not alone in the dark, our path will unfold as we move.

Paulo Coelho

Trust in dreams for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.

Kahlil Gibran

One should never trust a woman who tells her real age. If she tells that, she'll tell anything.

Oscar Wilde

I trust that everything happens for a reason, even when we’re not wise enough to see it.

Oprah Winfrey

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.

To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float. 

Alan Watts

Me, I'm dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for.

There should not be any trace of dislike or distrust on the score of nationality language, caste, economic status, scholarship, age or sex.

Sai Baba

The sadness of the women's movement is that they don't allow the necessity of love. See, I don't personally trust any revolution where love is not allowed.

Maya Angelou

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

Simply look with perceptive eyes at the world about you and trust to your own reactions and convictions.

When God desires to destroy a thing he entrusts its destruction to the thing itself. Every bad institution of this world ends by suicide.

Never trust the artist. Trust the tale. The proper function of the critic is to save the tale from the artist who created it.

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

Take from a man his reputation for probity, and the more shrewd and clever he is, the more hated and mistrusted he becomes.

It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.

Trust not too much to appearances.

A trusty comrade is always of use, and a chronicler still more so.

This world of ours must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate and be instead a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.

All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree.

I trust no one, not even myself.

The human animal cannot be trusted for anything good except en masse. The combined thought and action of the whole people of any race, creed or nationality, will always point in the right direction.

The senses deceive from time to time, and it is prudent never to trust wholly those who have deceived us even once.

Rene Descartes

If others must serve you, serve them first, love begets love, trust engenders trust.

Sai Baba

The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool.

I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself.

It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust.

He who does not trust enough will not be trusted.

Both oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people and therefore deprive them of their arms.


The greatest achievements of the human mind are generally received with distrust.

Trust but verify.

As soon as you trust yourself you will know how to live.

Americans have the right and advantage of being armed - unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.

James Madison

Faith is a state of openness or trust.

Alan Watts

I am serious, so I laugh a lot. You need to laugh. You don't laugh enough. I don't trust anyone who doesn't laugh.

Having trust and faith in your own country, you won't try to put down any other country.

Trust and belief are two prime considerations. You must not allow yourself to be opinionated.

Nobody expects to trust his body overmuch after the age of fifty.

Alexander Hamilton

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind.

Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.

You must cultivate unity, cooperation and mutual trust.

Confidante: One entrusted by A with the secrets of B confided to herself by C.

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.

One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be and how dangerous it is to trust them.

What we won when all of our people united must not be lost in suspicion and distrust and selfishness and politics. Accordingly I shall not seek and I will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as president.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Ah! yes I know: those who see me rarely trust my word: I must look too intelligent to keep it.

Those who trust to chance must abide by the results of chance.

We are all selfish, and I no more trust myself than others with a good motive.

Lord Byron

I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

Michael Jordan

There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.

John Adams

The true and solid peace of nations consists not in equality of arms, but in mutual trust alone.

Pope John XXIII

Trust not yourself, but your defects to know, make use of every friend, and every foe.

I haven't trusted polls since I read that 62% of women had affairs during their lunch hour. I've never met a woman in my life who would give up lunch for sex.

Erma Bombeck

The only kind of seafood I trust is the fish stick, a totally featureless fish that doesn't have eyeballs or fins.

The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

Albert Einstein

I learned you can't trust the judgment of good friends.

The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.

Never trust a man without vices.

So near is falsehood to truth that a wise man would do well not to trust himself on the narrow edge.

I don't trust liberals, I trust conservatives.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundational principle that holds all relationships.

Stephen Covey

Seize the day and put the least possible trust in tomorrow.

You must train your intuition - you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide

The fact is, with every friendship you make, and every bond of trust you establish, you are shaping the image of America projected to the rest of the world. That is so important. So when you study abroad you're actually helping to make America stronger.

Trust is hard to come by. That's why my circle is small and tight. I'm kind of funny about making new friends.

I think the biggest change is we have a system that we believe in and we trust ... It's Phil and the system? Absolutely. It's a beautiful system. When everything's clicking, it's a beautiful thing to watch.

I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.

William F. Buckley, Jr.

Modern cynics and skeptics see no harm in paying those to whom they entrust the minds of their children a smaller wage, than is paid to those to whom they entrust the care of their plumbing.

I know it when I don't know it. Sometimes I know it when I don't think I know it. I need to trust myself in these moments, these rare moments of self-doubt.

Trust men and they will be true to you, treat them greatly and they will show themselves great.

Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.

We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.

If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost.

Evil. Mistrust those who rejoice at it even more than those who do it.

Victor Hugo

In every tyrant's heart there springs in the end this poison that he cannot trust a friend.

God has entrusted me with myself.

You must trust and believe in people, or life becomes impossible.

Anton Chekhov

I wouldn't trust Nixon from here to that phone.

Barry Goldwater

When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them, either through cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of these opinions generate hatred.

Niccolo Machiavelli

The vanity of being known to be trusted with a secret is generally one of the chief motives to disclose it.

Samuel Johnson

To persevere trusting in what hopes he has, is courage in a man.

For it is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest, that holds human associations together. Our friends seldom profit us, but they make us feel safe. Marriage is a scheme to accomplish exactly that same end.

It is very nearly impossible... to become an educated person in a country so distrustful of the independent mind.

James Arthur Baldwin

We must respect the past and mistrust the present if we wish to provide for the safety of the future.

On one issue at least men and women agree, they both distrust women.

James Russell Lowell

Neither a man, nor a crowd, nor a nation, can be trusted to act humanely, or to think sanely, under the influence of a great fear.

When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself a public property.

I would rather have been shot straight-up in cold blood - but to be set up? By people who you trusted? That's bad.

Don’t trust people whose feelings change with time. Trust people whose feelings remain the same, even when the time changes.

Bob Marley

Age appears best in four things: old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.

Trust one who has tried.

I distrust Great Men. They produce a desert of uniformity around them and often a pool of blood too, and I always feel a little man's pleasure when they come a cropper.

Who then to frail mortality shall trust, But limns the water or but writes in dust.

Whether you're throwing up or breaking up, you want your girlfriend right there! I don't trust women who don't go to their girlfriends.

Drew Barrymore

Trust your instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.

What loneliness is more lonely than distrust?

George Eliot

We should distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.

The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted.

James Madison

Where large sums of money are concerned it is advisable to trust nobody.

Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.

We are all born brave, trusting and greedy, and most of us remain greedy.

For somehow this disease inheres in tyranny, never to trust one's friends.

Beware of anyone who says they know. Trust me they don't, or they wouldn't have to say they did.

Youth is the trustee of prosperity.

He that takes truth for his guide and duty for his end may safely trust to God's providence to lead him aright.

Blaise Pascal

I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves without a master.

Thomas Jefferson

However greatly we distrust the sincerity of those we converse with, yet still we think they tell more truth to us than to anyone else.

To restore the trust of the people, we must reform the way the government operates.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Distrust and caution are the parents of security.

Benjamin Franklin

Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.

Albert Einstein

You can't trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.

I do not trust people who don't love themselves and yet tell me 'I love you'. There is an African saying which is: 'Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt'.

Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain.

One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life.

All of my favorite people - people I really trust - none of them were cool in their younger years.

Whenever the people are well-informed they can be trusted with their own government.

Thomas Jefferson

Therefore trust to thy heart and to what the world calls illusions.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

When I get logical and I don't trust my instincts - that's when I get in trouble.

Silence is the safest course for any man to adopt who distrust himself.

It was not a religion that attacked us that September day. It was al-Qaeda. We will not sacrifice the liberties we cherish or hunker down behind walls of suspicion and mistrust.

Employ yourself usefully. Be like a trustee holding on trust on behalf of God for the purpose which He likes and approves.

We live in an age when to be young and to be indifferent can be no longer synonymous. We must prepare for the coming hour. The claims of the Future are represented by suffering millions, and the Youth of a Nation are the trustees of Posterity.

Trust yourself, then you will know how to live.

I feel good because I believe I have made progress in rebuilding the people's trust in their government.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen.

I will have to earn trust and respect from my kids.

I repeat... that all power is a trust, that we are accountable for its exercise, that from the people and for the people all springs and all must exist.

What Women Want: To be loved to be listened to to be desired to be respected to be needed to be trusted and sometimes just to be held. What Men Want: Tickets for the world series.

Dave Barry

There is no traitor like him whose domestic treason plants the poniard within the breast that trusted to his truth.

A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.

Do not put your trust in a bad companion nor even trust an ordinary friend, for if he should get angry with you he may bring all your secrets to light.

My message to anyone who's afraid that they can't write music when they're happy is 'Just trust the passion.' The passion can write a lot of things.

Alanis Morissette

To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future, nor indict the past. The prudent heir takes careful inventory of his legacies and gives a faithful accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust.

John F. Kennedy

Quayle said the worst thing that happened to him was that he never trusted his own judgment. I said from now on I am going to go with my own judgment.

Rhetoric is a poor substitute for action and we have trusted only to rhetoric. If we are really to be a great nation we must not merely talk, we must act big.

Theodore Roosevelt

Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something.

We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.

John F. Kennedy

Avoid inquisitive persons for they are sure to be gossips their ears are open to hear but they will not keep what is entrusted to them.

I asked a ref if he could give me a technical foul for thinking bad things about him. He said of course not. I said well I think you stink. And he gave me a technical. You can't trust em.

Power will intoxicate the best hearts as wine the strongest heads. No man is wise enough nor good enough to be trusted with unlimited power.

Charles Caleb Colton

The momentum of freedom in our world is unmistakable - and it is not carried forward by our power alone. We can trust in that greater power Who guides the unfolding of the years. And in all that is to come we can know that His purposes are just and true.

Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him and to let him know that you trust him.

Let no such man be trusted.

Again you can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut destiny life karma whatever. This approach has never let me down and it has made all the difference in my life.

What we talked about will have to remain a secret between him and me. I spoke to him as a brother whom I have pardoned and who has my complete trust.

In almost every profession - whether it's law, or journalism, finance, or medicine, or academia, or running a small business - people rely on confidential communications to do their jobs. We count on the space of trust that confidentiality provides. When someone breaches that trust we are all worse off for it.

Union in privacy (with one's wife), boldness, storing away useful items, watchfulness, and not easily trusting others, these five things are to be learned from a crow.

Not everybody trusts paintings, but people believe photographs.

The Constitution preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation where the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.

James Madison

Even in the common affairs of life in love friendship and marriage how little security have we when we trust our happiness in the hands of others!

Trust dies but mistrust blossoms.

It is not fit the public trusts should be lodged in the hands of any till they are first proved and found fit for the business they are to be entrusted with.

I trust Winsor and Newton and I paint directly upon it.

Thankfully I have my mom and a small group of close friends who are there for me 24/7 and whom I can trust and depend on.

When you travel by train you have only to purchase the ticket enter the proper train and take a seat, leaving the rest to the engine. Why should you carry the bed and trunk on your head? So too put your trust in the Lord and carry on to the best of your ability.

If Phil and Tex feel like making a change would be better for the team that's what we will do. We trust them wholeheartedly.

Experience hath shewn that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have in time and by slow operations perverted it into tyranny.

Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense?

Do not put your trust in rivers, men who carry weapons, beasts with claws or horns, women and members of a royal family.


No lying knight or lying priest ever prospered in any age but especially not in the dark ones. Men prospered then only in following an openly declared purpose and preaching candidly beloved and trusted creeds.

John Ruskin

Let every eye negotiate for itself and trust no agent.

William Shakespeare

Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.

I don't have trust in that system

A man who encounters the following three is unfortunate, the death of his wife in his old age the entrusting of money into the hands of relatives and depending upon others for food.


There is only one thing for us to do and that is to do our level best right where we are every day of our lives, To use our best judgment and then to trust the rest to that Power which holds the forces of the universe in his hands.

Orison Swett Marden

It's hard knowing who to trust with your personal life. When you cry in your room at night you don't always know who to call. So I am very close to my family.

Hello. Do not greet anybody when the heart is filled with anger, distrust etc. Have instead a pure hollow from which a wholehearted Hello emanates.

The mainstream media today has the biggest disconnect with its audience that it's ever ever had. And as the disconnect grows and as more and more people distrust them then the media digs in more and more and says you don't know what you're talking about you don't know how we do our jobs you don't know what's important.

Some years ago I became president of Columbia University and learned within 24 hours to be ready to speak at the drop of a hat and I learned something more the trustees were expected to be ready to speak at the passing of the hat.

Perhaps religious conscience upsets the designs of those who feel that the highest wisdom and authority comes from government. But from the beginning this nation trusted in God not man. Religious liberty is the first freedom in our Constitution.

The most important service rendered by the press and the magazines is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust.

People make suggestions on what to say all the time. I'll give you an example, I don't read what's handed to me. People say 'Here here's your speech or here's an idea for a speech.' They're changed. Trust me.

I love that we can trust Barack to do what he says he's going to do, even when it's hard - especially when it's hard.

Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt kindness causes misunderstanding mistrust and hostility to evaporate.

Advertising ministers to the spiritual side of trade. It is great power that has been entrusted to your keeping which charges you with the high responsibility of inspiring and ennobling the commercial world. It is all part of the greater work of the regeneration and redemption of mankind.

Calvin Coolidge

What we learn only through the ears makes less impression upon our minds than what is presented to the trustworthy eye.

Mr. Chairman delegates. I accept your nomination for President of the United States of America. I do so with humility deeply moved by the trust you have placed in me. It is a great honor. It is an even greater responsibility.

Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he then be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.

Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.

I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don't trust that conventional idea. Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance any day in the week if there is anything to be got by it.

The people of Wisconsin have been good to me. I've tried to live up to their trust. And now I ask those hardworking men and women and millions like them across America to join our cause and get this country working again. When Governor Romney asked me to join the ticket I said 'Let's get this done' - and that is exactly what we're going to do.

Suppliers and especially manufacturers have market power because they have information about a product or a service that the customer does not and cannot have and does not need if he can trust the brand. This explains the profitability of brands.

Peter Drucker

There's as much crookedness as you want to find. There was something Abraham Lincoln said - he'd rather trust and be disappointed than distrust and be miserable all the time. Maybe I trusted too much.

What else can it be? ... Do you think I'm going to trust some guy in a French lab to open my samples and say they're positive and announce that to the world and not give me the chance to defend myself? That's ludicrous. There is no way you can do that.

My time has been passed viciously and agreeably, at thirty-one so few years months days hours or minutes remain that Carpe Diem 'is not enough. I have been obliged to crop even the seconds-for who can trust to tomorrow?'

It can be hard in this business especially when you're very young to figure out who you can and can't trust.

Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.

Will some reporter or some Republican on the Sunday shows please ask why tax cuts raid the non-existent Social Security Trust Fund but all the Democrats' new spending doesn't? Will someone please ask that?

You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut destiny life karma whatever. This approach has never let me down and it has made all the difference in my life.

There are people and nations, Mother, that I would like to say to you by name. I entrust them to you in silence, I entrust them to you in the way that you know best.

I was in enough to get along with people. I was never socially inarticulate. Not a loner. And that saved my life saved my sanity. That and the writing. But to this day I distrust anybody who thought school was a good time. Anybody.

I've realized that being happy is a choice. You never want to rub anybody the wrong way, or not be fun to be around, but you have to be happy. When I get logical and I don't trust my instincts - That is when I get in trouble.

Angelina Jolie

As soon / Seek roses in December - ice in June, / Hope constancy in wind or corn in chaff, / Believe a woman or an epitaph / Or any other thing that's false before / You trust in critics.